An experimental drug has shown a striking efficacy in prolonging the lives of people with heart failure and could replace what has been the bedrock treatment for more than 20 years, researchers said Saturday. Read more


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There can be no doubt that Africa is a continent on the rise. This once sleeping giant has started waking up, and there are numerous positive changes happening in many of the continent’s countries. These changes have given rise to a host of entrepreneurs who have overcome sometimes considerable odds to create thriving businesses and companies in various fields. Read more

doozy of a statement

Is white privilege real? Not according to Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly.

This week O’Reilly debated the issue of white privilege with a fellow host and then returned to the topic the next day with this doozy of a statement:

“Last night on ‘The Factor,’ Megyn Kelly and I debated the concept of white privilege whereby some believe that if you are Caucasian you have inherent advantages in America. ‘Talking Points’ does not, does not believe in white privilege. However, there is no question that African-Americans have a much harder time succeeding in our society than whites do.”

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Low Priced Made-in-Nigeria Hyundai Cars Hits The Market

Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited has started phased delivery of low priced made-in-Nigeria cars assembled at the company’s plant in Lagos to its provisional dealers nationwide

This is coming barely three months after Stallion Group owners of the multivehicle plant roll-out made-in-Nigeria Nissan range of vehicles in April.

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