About: Mr. J. Cameron Bayne

Mr. J. Cameron bayne

Mr. J. Cameron Bayne

Mr. Bayne is currently the Senior Education Officer at Go Africa Network Inc., a retired veteran New York Educator, dean and counselor with decades of diverse experience in education development. Mr. Bayne has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to diverse populations of New York City. He has select training in education resources, employment and health service networking. Mr. Bayne has worked for CBS in media production, The New York Public Library in information research and  as a corporate consultant.

Mr. Bayne has coordinated education programs at Montclair University’ s New Jersey School of Conservation; Stanford University and Berkeley University summer programs with the Student Conservation Association (SCA). He has worked as a manager with the 1996 Summer Olympics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. During the summer games at GT he coordinated a track and health education seminar with Olympic track star Carl Lewis. Mr. Bayne was also a track, tennis and football athlete in his youth.

Working in education to improve the individual, community and global network is his sole concern. Mr. Bayne holds a MA in Teaching and Learning from Kaplan University with President’s List Honors. He is proud to have attended Pennsylvania’s historic Lincoln University, where he earned a BA in English. Mr. Bayne was a contributing writer,editor and researcher for the university’s scholarship driven book published in 2012 “An Unfailing Legacy” discussing the Barnes Collection of Art. He has a passion for African art and culture of the African diaspora.


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According to online portal Everjobs, it has now launched Cameroon’s latest online job portal. During a press conference, Co-founder and Managing Director for Africa, Eric Lauer introduced the company officially to the public.

According to Lauer, Everjobs’s mission is to simplify the job search and hiring process by connecting job seekers with employers in a matter of clicks. The website is intended to offer helpful tools and features, such as a CV creation tool. Read more

ZNews Africa

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Founded Alpha Bah Founder, ZNews Africa aims to be the go-to place for the latest news content across Africa from vital markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire.

Now available on the Google Play, ZNews Africa is beautifully build with an attractive visual design that presents headlines, snippets and images to provide a rich content experience for users, as they stay current on global matters and local stories. Read more


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Studies show that laughter improves memory.

Laughter is great not just for your mood, but for your gray matter, says a new study out of Loma Linda U., where a group of adults who watched a funny video for 30 minutes did better on unrelated short-term-memory tests afterward than a separate group who’d just sat twiddling their thumbs.


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Google has been readying its own wireless service for smartphones, and it could launch in the US as early as Wednesday, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

The service, which would compete with local wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon, is expected to let customers pay only for the data they use on the network. That would mean users only pay when they make calls, listen to music or use apps, as opposed to common wireless service agreements that charge a bulk rate for a certain amount of data.

What Google wants to do is somewhat unique, according to the Journal’s report. The company plans to offer two types of services that overlap. When users are on Wi-Fi, their phone calls and other data would use that connection. When not on a Wi-Fi signal, customers would use common cellular radio signals, which are more costly. Read more

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It’s only been a few years since LED light bulbs sold for thirty bucks a piece or more, but — thankfully — prices have since fallen steadily. These days, you’ll find plenty of strong options that cost $10 or less, but Philips is pushing things a step further, with a new 60W equivalent LED that’ll retail for less than $5.

At that price, Philips’ new bulb is already the least expensive big-brand LED we’ve seen, but to further sweeten the deal, the Dutch manufacturer is offering two bulbs for the price of one at Home Depot for the first ninety days of its shelf life. That brings the cost per bulb down to something less than you’d pay for a morning latte — and makes outfitting a whole home’s worth of bulbs seem a lot more feasible. Read more

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Starting a new business within the continent of Africa can be as terrifying as it is exciting. At any given time, a fledgling company can come up against a number of common challenges.

From hiring the right people to defining your brand… start-ups must overcome these obstacles to ensure success. This is according to Dan Karua, Managing Director, Lamudi, Kenya.

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About: Dr. Cheikh Eteka Traore

Dr Cheikh Eteka Traore, MD, MSC, FRSPH: Chief Medical Officer – Africa, for the GO Africa Network.

Dr.Traore is a bi-national citizen of both Mauritania and Nigeria. He is a freelance consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated in medicine from the National University of Cote d’Ivoire in 1995, and obtained a public health masters from London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine in 1998. He has eighteen years experience working on global health and public health systems in Europe, Sub Saharan Africa and other middle income countries.

Dr.Traore’s expertise is on the provision of technical assistance to  governments, municipalities, donors, NGOs and United Nation agencies.  He is passionate about inclusive policy development, program design addressing the intersection of human rights and public health, removing barriers to service access for marginalized communities and  building capacity and leadership within grass-roots health movements.

Dr.Traore  is bilingual in French/ English, with conversational and writing ability in Arabic and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (United Kingdom) since 2008.

Color Genomics

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I’m always excited when an experienced team from the consumer mobile world crosses over into a complex and formidable area like healthcare or biotech. With Color Genomics, we’re getting just that.

Elad Gil and Othman Laraki, who sold Mixer Labs to Twitter six years ago and went on to oversee search, geo and growth for the company, have joined forces again to do affordable genetic screenings for women.

They’re focusing on the two BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Although mutations on these two genes only happen in 1 to 2 percent of the population, they’re heavily associated with breast cancer. If you have a mutation in BRCA1, you have a lifetime risk of up to 80 percent for developing breast cancer and up to a 50 percent chance of developing ovarian cancer. Read more

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Huawei has unveiled its latest P Series smartphones – the Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 Max Phablet. According to Huawei, both devices feature 13-megapixel cameras and come with a dual-tone flash in order to brighten up photos taken in low-light conditions.

Huawei also revealed that the phones also offer a “light painting” feature. According to the smartphone manufacturer, unlike light painting functions on ordinary phones, the Huawei P8 Max provides a real time preview display and hand controlled aperture of a picture.

The device has an Optical Image Stabilisation function on the rear camera, which enables great pictures even without a tripod according to the company, and the unique Director mode enables consumers to share what they have just filmed. Read more