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African-Union-Expo-3-1024x768For an inside look at Go Africa Network and African Union Expo LLC’s first annual African Union Expo, which also featured the U.S. Small Business Administration’s InnovateHER competition for female entrepreneurs, check out this blog post on highlighting the event’s themes!

Here is an excerpt from the review:

At its core, the event organizers—African Union Expo LLC and Go Africa Network—sought to provide a platform for businessmen and political leaders from across Africa and the United States to exchange news and views on promoting trade and investment opportunities across a variety of sectors.

Participants got to partake in breakout sessions on key topics pertaining to entrepreneurs including understanding the importance of a business plan, developing a marketing plan, using technology licensing and joint ventures and preparing for e-commerce.

But what struck me was that they had subtly started a new trend. Although the competition is in its second year, it is the first time it was hosted as a live event in Manhattan and New York City. As soon as the competition started, it was clear right away that the event was all about the women.


First annual African Union Expo featured on

The first annual African Union Expo, hosted by the African Union Expo LLC and Go Africa Network at MIST Harlem on November 17, was featured on, an online African television channel.

Listen as female entrepreneurs who participated in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s InnovateHER competition share innovative products and services that empower women and families, leaders detail their plans and policies in the trade and investment arena for Africa and the organizers share the event’s goals and mission.

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Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first Prime Minister, died on 23 March 2015; and on 29 March 2015, the Straits Times published an article titled “The Singapore That Lee Kuan Yew Built” which stated that he “…foretold the transformation of the country from a tiny slum-ridden trading post ...” back in 1959.

On 1 April 2015, another article in the Straits Times, titled “Interactive Map: How Twittersphere Reacted to News of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s Death”, stated that over 1.2 million related tweets were sent in the week preceding his death. Unwittingly, I may have contributed to this statistic.

A Trinidadian Information Technology professional had posted one of my articles “Singapore: Example to the Caribbean in Doing Business” with the comment “Caribbean leaders think they can cut and paste Singapore success story here, they need (sic) address productivity and innovation first”. Read more

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  • Say pilsner and black beer is most effective
  • Can halve the amount of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have been linked to colorectal cancer

As barbecue season approaches, researchers have discovered an unlikely ingredient that could improve the safety of your meat – letting it swill in beer.

They say that letting meat marindade in pilsner can help reduce the formation of potentially harmful cancer-causing substances in grilled meats.

They say pilsner and black beer are most effective, halving the amount of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have been linked to colorectal cancer.

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NASSAU, Bahamas — Kenson Timothee was walking down the street when a uniformed officer asked him a question that sends Bahamians of Haitian descent like him into a panic these days: Do you have a passport?

Mr. Timothee, who was born in the Bahamas to illegal Haitian immigrants, wound up jailed in immigration detention for six weeks. He is one of hundreds of people swept up in a fiercely debated new immigration policy in theBahamas requiring everyone to hold a passport, a rule that human rights groups say unfairly targets people of Haitian descent.

Mr. Timothee had proof that he was born in the Bahamas, but because he had trouble obtaining his absentee father’s birth certificate, his application for Bahamian citizenship was never completed. Read more


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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The pictures of medical dysfunction were devastating — broken hospitals in Africa struggling, and largely failing, to contain the Ebola epidemic. As deaths mounted, the problems seemed intractable: no money, no infrastructure, no hope.

But across the ocean, Haiti — a broken country if there ever was one — now has two new clinics, open-air, modest in size and cost, designed to tackle diseases that can be as insidious and deadly as Ebola, but are also more common: cholera and tuberculosis.

The clinics here are simple, even handsome. Instead of constructing hermetic shields in the form of airtight, inflexible hospital buildings, the architects took advantage of Haiti’s Caribbean environment, exploiting island cross breezes to heal patients and aid caregivers. Read more

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Haiti is currently participating in the 18th International Conference of Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with the participation of 2,500 delegates from around the world. Several heads of state from Europe, America and Asia are present as observers.

The Republic of Haiti requested on this occasion the status of Associate Member of the African Union, according to the Chief Cabinet of Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Ambassador Ady Jean Gardy which represents our country at this meeting. The request of adhesion of Haiti to the African Union to the Conference of Heads of State was extensively applauded. Read more

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Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has appointed Carlton Masters as Jamaica’s first-ever representative to the African Union.

Masters’ appointment also includes the post of Special Envoy of the Prime Minister, and assumes the rank of Ambassador.

The Office of the Prime Minister said his role would be to “seek to strengthen Jamaica’s relations and partnerships with a range of African countries and organisations and deepen our dialogue on issues of strategic importance.”

He will also work to promote dialogue and explore avenues for trade, investment and cooperation with African partners, the Office of the Prime Minister said. Read more