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Dr. Eric Fouh: Bio

Chief Technology Officer, Go Africa Network Inc. (Non-profit)

Dr. Eric Fouh has over 10 years of experience in Computer Science. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. His research interests include web technologies, mobile technologies, digital libraries, and digital education.

In his free time, Dr. Fouh  enjoys sports, reading, exercising, and traveling.


Learning Technologies, Web Technologies, Computing Education, Data Structures & Algorithm, Digital Libraries, Software Engineering, Data Analysis



Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science; Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, expected May 2015

Master of Science, Computer Science; University of Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France, June 2008

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; University of Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France, June 2006



Eric Fouh, Daniel A. Breakiron, Sally Hamouda, Mohammed F. Farghally, and Clifford A. Shaffer. Exploring students learning behavior with an interactive eTextbook in Computer Science Courses. To appear Computers in Human Behavior.

Eric Fouh, Ville Karavirta, Daniel A. Breakiron, Sally Hamouda, Simin Hall, Thomas L. Naps, and Clifford A. Shaffer. Design and Architecture of an Interactive eTextbook – the OpenDSA System. Science of Computer Programming, Volume 88, 2014, pages 22-40.

Eric Fouh, Akbar Monika, and Clifford A. Shaffer. The Role of Visualization in Computer Science Education. Computers in the Schools, Volume 29, Issue 1-2, 2012, pages 95-117.



  1. Hall, E. Fouh, D. Breakiron, M. Elshehaly, and C.A. Shaffer, Evaluating Online Tutorials for Data Structures and Algorithms Courses, Proceedings of the 2013 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Atlanta, GA, June 2013.

C.A. Shaffer, T.L. Naps, and E. Fouh. Truly Interactive Textbooks for Computer Science Education. In Proceedings of the Sixth Program Visualization Workshop, June 30, 2011, Darmstadt, Germany, pages 97-103.



Eric Fouh, and Yinlin Chen, Education. In Digital Libraries Applications: CBIR, Education, Social Networks, eScience/Simulation, and GIS. Fox, Edward A., and Jonathan P. Leidig. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2014.



Daniel A. Breakiron, Eric Fouh, Sally Hamouda, and Clifford A. Shaffer. Analysis of Interaction Logs for Online Tutorials (poster). In Proceedings of the 45th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, March 2014, 709.

  1. Fouh, D. Breakiron, M. Elshehaly, T.S. Hall, V. Karavirta, and C.A. Shaffer. OpenDSA: using an active eTextbook to teach data structures and algorithms (poster). In Proceedings of the 44th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Denver, Colorado, March 2013, 734.

Eric Fouh, Maoyuan Sun, and C.A. Shaffer. OpenDSA: a creative commons active ebook (poster). In Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education, March, 2012, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, pages 721.


ibrahima cisse IMAG0670

Mr. Ibrahima Cisse Bio


ibrahima cisse IMAG0670

Senior VP Promotions, Chief Protocol Officer and Secretary, Go Africa Network Inc. (Non-profit) and ASG Global Trade Inc.

Mr. Ibrahima Cisse has with over 25 years of experience in Health, Human Services and Wellness in the New York Metro area which entities such as African Services Committee, Harlem Hospital and Columbia University.  Previously, Mr. Cisse spent over 8 years in the Côte d’Ivoire Military with a distinguished service record.

Mr. Cisse is fluent in over 4 African languages and French. Mr. Cisse has a long and tenured history with the African Diaspora community in the New York Metro Area

In his free time, Mr. Cisse serves a board member of the Go Africa Network, and enjoys sports, cooking, exercising, and traveling.

downloadfile-59- Dennie Beach

CEO & President, Go Africa Network Inc. (Non-profit) and ASG Global Trade Inc.

downloadfile-59- Dennie Beach

Dr. Dennie M. Beach has with over 22 years of experience in data warehousing, Cloud computing, Storage, Big Data, BI and analytics with Dell, IBM and Microsoft. Previously, Dr. Beach spent 2 ½ years with the Teradata Corporation as an Account executive handling large Insurance and Healthcare organizations in the New York Metro area. From 2000 – 2006, Dr. Beach was the Global Services Manager at Microsoft responsible for Citigroup globally. From 1997 – 2000, Dr. Beach was a Partner Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for the mutual success of Accenture, KPMG, HP and Dell for software development and product integration initiatives.

Dr. Beach completed his Ph.D. in Public Policy with a specialization in International non-governmental organizations (NGOS) from Walden University in 2010. Dr. Beach also holds a Masters in Technology from New York University, Polytechnic Institute, MBA from Walden University and a B.A. in Economics from Northeastern Illinois University.

In his free time, Dr. Beach serves a board chairperson and board member for various International non-profit organizations. Dr. Beach also enjoys yachting, chess, reading, and exercising.