Dr. Christopher Williams: Chief Social Sciences Officer

Bio for Christopher Williams, Ph.D.

Chief Social Sciences Officer, Go Africa Network, Inc

Chris williams

Dr. Christopher Williams is a senior prevention scientist concerned with the development, testing, and dissemination of evidence-based behavioral health and prevention programming. He earned his BA from Morehouse College, a Ph.D. from Northeastern University, and completed a post-doc at Columbia University.


About the Go Africa Health Mobile solution

More details and information on the Go Africa Health Mobile solution

  • Go Africa Health Mobile Solution will utilize processes and technologies that deliver efficiencies in the following areas:
  • Training and development of indigenous Healthcare resources
  • Processes, Integration & Workflows for the seamless transfer of information to Government entities and related partners.
  • This level of efficiency would be dependent on the discovery processes of existing systems and infrastructure of a given country, government partner or entity.
  • Go Africa Network Inc., & Go Africa Health LLC, propose to offer Mobile/ Remote Healthcare services to underserved communities in the U.S. & Africa.
  • Go Africa Network Inc., & Go Africa Health LLC, seeks to partner with religious groups, healthcare providers, community centers and local groups to offer such services within a stable environment conducive to delivery of said services in a progressive positive environment.

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