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The True Healthcare Costs of Undocumented Immigrants

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork   The UCLA researchers found striking differences in ER visits by adults: One-in-five U.S.-born adults visits the ER annually, compared with roughly one-in-10 undocumented adults. “Most people who go to the emergency room have insurance and are not worried about providing documents,” says Nadereh Pourat, PhD, director of research at […]


Therapy to Go

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Stanford Magazine   New app puts psychologists a tap away.   COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY, or CBT, is a type of psychotherapy that teaches patients to identify and manage the thoughts that give rise to negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors. It’s been shown to be highly effective in treating mood and […]

Music Cuts through the Fog of Alzheimer’s

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Listening to music that evokes happy memories can change the tenor of lives debilitated by dementia. And with no new medical treatments since the approval of memantine in 2004, helping some of the 5-million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease feel better with music therapy sounds good to Joshua Grill, PhD, director […]

Can Knee Cartilage Be Regrown?

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Stanford Magazine   STANFORD WILL SHINE ANOTHER SPOTLIGHT on the curative potential of stem-cell technology this year with an innovative approach to treating damaged cartilage and osteoarthritis. Already enthused by results from the lead-up work, Jason Dragoo, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery, is preparing to launch a human trial for […]

Depression Increases Risk for Diabetic Seniors

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork   A diabetic’s risk of premature death is about double that of someone of the same age without diabetes. In addition, diabetics are twice as likely to have depression, which further increases their mortality risk. A new UCLA-led study suggests that for diabetics age 65 and older, depression is linked […]

Role of Genes in Obesity and Body Fat Distribution

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA Tracy Hampton, PhD Lab Reports | April 7, 2015 By analyzing genetic samples from 224 459 individuals, researchers identified 49 genomic loci associated with waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), 33 of which are novel (Shungin D et al. Nature. 2015;518[7538]:187-196). Of these 49 loci, 19 showed significant sex-specific differences, suggesting that genetic regulation of fat […]

Differences in Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis and Cancer-Specific Survival by Race and Ethnicity in the United States

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork   ABSTRACT ABSTRACT | INTRODUCTION | METHODS | RESULTS | DISCUSSION |CONCLUSIONS | ARTICLE INFORMATION | REFERENCES Importance  Women with early-stage breast cancers are expected to have excellent survival rates. It is important to identify factors that predict diagnosis of early-stage breast cancers. Objective  To determine the proportion of breast […]

Researchers Look to MRI and Biomarkers to Help Improve Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancers

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA A patient’s wife once told urology surgeon Peter Pinto, MD, that there was no way she’d agree to have a dozen biopsy needles stuck blindly into her breast just because a blood test suggested she might have cancer. But that’s exactly what happens with many men whose cancer screening […]

Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children With Older Siblings With and Without Autism

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork ABSTRACT ABSTRACT | INTRODUCTION | METHODS | RESULTS | DISCUSSION |CONCLUSIONS | ARTICLE INFORMATION | REFERENCES Importance  Despite research showing no link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism spectrum disorders (ASD), beliefs that the vaccine causes autism persist, leading to lower vaccination levels. Parents who already have a child […]

Want rice with HALF the calories? Cook it with coconut oil and refrigerate it overnight before eating

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Scientists say cooking the rice this way can cut the calories by up to 60% The method increases the amount of resistant starch (RS) in the rice RS is indigestible to the human body and so is not turned into sugar or fat However, doctors have warned reheating rice can […]