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Nature’s beauty: Mount Cameroon

Located in the Western/Central African nation of Cameroon, Mount Cameroon is the fourth tallest mountain in Africa rising to  about 13,255 ft. It takes tourists between two and four days to climb the mountain depending on the route. Below is what you can see while climbing Mount Cameroon.



Mout Cameroon national park entrance.

IMG-20150102-WA0051 IMG-20150102-WA0045

IMG-20150102-WA0037 IMG-20150102-WA0036

The first part of the journey happens in the forest.


After walking for four hours you can rest at Hut 1.

IMG_20141230_154450 IMG-20150102-WA0032 IMG-20150102-WA0031 IMG-20150102-WA0030 IMG-20150102-WA0025 IMG-20150102-WA0019

The vegetation consists mostly of grass above 2000 meters.

IMG_20141230_075049 IMG_20141230_084755 IMG_20141230_084750

The summit is covered with volcanic sand.

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