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Uber for Business takes off in Nairobi (Kenya)

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Cab hailing technology platform Uber Nairobi has announced the kickoff of Uber for Business, its exciting corporate offering to allow business travelers to get around with ease and as well help companies save money and manage their travel budgets.

Just like the personal Uber account, firms create an Uber corporate account to allow them to save on travel cost per employee every year, centralise their billing for all employees on one account and get insights into what’s being spent, by whom, and where.

From Staff Writer @ Techmoran

The Uber for Business account shows date, time, and location settings let businesses decide when and where employees are allowed to ride.Uber for Business, now available in over 45 countries globally is expanding from region to region to help business travelers everywhere get where they need to go more easily and seamlessly. Dedicated to SME’s, Uber for Business gives employees the freedom to use a single credit card and cut down on company credit cards and reimbursements.

It’s launch in Kenya will help easily manage their travel plans and run their expenditures easily. Uber says the package is expected to help companies save $1,000 per employee on average as the package allows employees who Uber to bill their trips directly to their company.

The platform works simply.

Employers visit the signup page to create a business account with Uber’s web portal and they link the payment method of choice and add employees to the account. This will send all employees an automatic email invitation to join their team or company Uber account then managers or administrations can use the app to monitor trip information and get other key metrics either weekly, monthly and annually.

Uber for Business has three packages selected by a compnay according to the employees duties. A firm can choose to pay for an all employee all rides, or rides home alone or just during business hours.


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